INTELLIHEALTH -   A Medical Management Company
 Welcome to IntelliHealth!
We provide mental health therapeutic and counseling services for patients in a variety of settings, including assisted living facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, as well as home care. Our experienced and qualified therapists are fully licensed and experienced.  Our programs are delivered at no cost to the facility or to the patient. Our services are covered by Medicare and other insurances.
IntelliHealth recognizes that there is often a need for a continuum of care for individuals from their homes to assisted living facilities to skilled nursing homes. IntelliHealth licensed therapists will treat patients along the way, with efforts to coordinate care, provide compassionate and skilled therapy/counseling, in order to facilite a smooth transition. 
The unique differentiator that IntelliHealth offers, is that our point of service is where the patient resides! This is convenient for those that do not have transportation, for those that are not ambulatory or for those that would like to have therapeutic interventions in the privacy of their domicile. 
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